Custom 3D Scanning

Custom 3D Scanning

Now you can have access to the same tools used by top product design companies. Utilizing digital data collected from our FARO Edge ScanArm, our staff engineers can assist in reverse engineering, digitizing existing parts, and collecting digital measurements for use in modern digital design applications. Our engineers at the SEMA Garage can perform custom scanning services collecting data and tailoring to your specific needs. 3D scanning can help you create design files that can be worked on simultaneously by your engineering, quality control, and analytics departments, shortening the development cycle and getting your product to market faster. The information scanned is proprietary to that member and will not be shared.

Scan Data Processing:
We can scan vehicles or parts and provide a few types of data depending on what you are looking to achieve. After a part or vehicle has been scanned the primary output is an intermediary CAD file in point cloud or polygonal model format. This type of cloud data can be exported and used as graphical data or processed further and used to extract measured data points, surfaces, or specific features such as planes and sketches.

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Tech Transfer Subscriber Price: $65/Hour
Non-Subscriber Price: $95/Hour

Please contact with any questions regarding scheduling, rates or getting a quote.

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