You might be planning to develop any sort of aftermarket performance product. We would like to provide you with the tools to suit all your needs.

Each year, SEMA members introduce thousands of cutting-edge tools and accessories designed to add enjoyment to vehicle ownership. While some have universal fitments, many have model-specific applications that require significantly more research and development.

The SEMA Garage gives SEMA member businesses access to the special high-tech tools and equipment they need to get their products — whether a $10 set of replacement wiper blades or a $10,000 engine modification — off the drawing board and into customer hands. It is the only known facility of its kind in the United States.

Covering 15,000 square feet and filled with nearly $2 million of equipment, the SEMA Garage includes all the tools specialty product developers could hope for and then some, including two vehicle lifts, a portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) for 3D scanning, a 3D printer for fast prototyping, digital race car scales for the most precise vehicle weight measurements, a dynamometer for power output measurements and more.


Here's a brief list of all the services currently offered in the SEMA Garage.

OEM provided CAD files to minimize or eliminate the necessity for reverse engineering.

Offering state-of-the-art FaroArm/CMM scanning system, requires SEMA Membership.

Rapid prototyping using cutting-edge technology to create a physical model of your product.

Timely measuring sessions provide hands-on access to new vehicles for designing, and developing prototypes.

Temperature controlled emissions lab offers service and guidance to get your product certified.

Host an impressive product or reveal or conduct a full training session for your new product.

Features a fully equipped product cove with infinity walls and an adjustable overhead lighting setup.

Fully equipped center for test-fitting product prototypes or installing components on a project vehicle.

Contact us for any questions regarding our SEMA Garage services.                                                            

Ensure your products and modifications can be successfully integrated with the latest and emerging vehicle dynamics technologies and comply with federal motor vehicle safety regulations.

Integrate your products with the latest automotive and consumer electronics technologies and leverage emerging opportunities with connected vehicles.

Provide members the latest information about advanced vehicle technologies and regulations impacting their products and businesses.


Every day, our team members bring their talent, commitment and diverse perspectives to work—making our industry and association much better.


VP, OEM & Product Development


VP, Vehicle Technology


Senior Director OEM Relations


Vehicle Product Data Manager


Vehicle Product Data Specialist


Compliance Center Manager


Emissions Lab Manager


Emissions Lab Technician


Senior Coordinator, OEM & Product Development


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