SEMA Garage FAQ's

What SEMA Garage Services are currently available?

  • Tech Transfer
    • New enrollments
    • Request fulfillment
  • Emissions Compliance Center
    • Assistance with CARB EO Applications
    • Communication with CARB on behalf of SEMA members
    • Preparation for Emissions testing (once the lab is fully operational again)

What SEMA Garage Services are currently on hold?

What are the staff remote hours of Operation?

6:00 AM – 5:00 PM (PST)

What if I need immediate 3D Printing Services?

Please contact

I am having issues with Tech Transfer CAD and 3D Scan files, what do I do?

Please contact

What if I need immediate 3D Scanning Services?

Please contact

Are the OEM’s still releasing CAD data and approving new Tech Transfer members?

Yes, to enroll in Tech Transfer please contact

Is CARB still up and running?

Yes, CARB is still accepting applications. They are adapting their system to allow for email submissions.

Are you still preparing new CARB E.O. applications?


Are the Emissions Compliance Center staff available for questions?

Yes, here is our contact info:

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