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ADAS Functionality & Aftermarket Modifications Whitepaper

2022 Chevrolet Silverado
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The SEMA Garage Detroit is available to help SEMA member manufacturers develop products from start to finish.

Modifying vehicles, whether lifted or lowered, may affect ADAS functionality and the ADAS Technology Center is intended to be one of the members’ tools to fully understand the ADAS function resulting from modifying vehicles with modern vehicle technology cameras and radar sensors.

The ADAS Technology Center offers the following services:

  • Two 35’x60’ Advanced Driver Assistance Systems labs
  • Available for member product R&D
  • Perform ADAS recalibration of stock or modified (lifted/lowered) vehicles
  • Re-calibrate forward/rear/corner camera, radar, LiDAR, surround view & future ADAS technologies

The SEMA Garage Detroit optimal ADAS recalibration environment includes:

  • Lab quality neutral non-reflective walls and floors
  • Evenly diffused dimmable lighting
  • An ADAS lab quality level floor


  • Mosaic automated target positioning system which mimics OEM end of line ADAS calibration stations


To learn more about the SEMA Garage Detroit and the ADAS Technology Center, contact: or (909) 610-2030

SEMA Business Member: Call for Pricing
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Non-Member: Call for Pricing

For pricing and questions, please contact or 909-610-2030.

ADAS location:

SEMA Garage – Detroit
14655 Jib St.
Plymouth, MI 48170

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