Vehicle Technology

Vehicle Technology

MISSION: SEMA will help members understand the latest vehicle technologies and connect them to cost-effective resources, programs, solutions and benefits relevant to their business and product development plans.

YOUR BUSINESS: SEMA Vehicle Technology helps you customize with confidence by knowing how advanced vehicle technologies and new regulations impact your products and businesses.

Learn from SEMA's Virtual ADAS Forum and Vehicle Review how Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Technologies will impact your Products and Sales.

Provide members the latest information about advanced vehicle technologies and regulations impacting their products and businesses.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are active and passive safety performance technologies developed to assist drivers and automate vehicle systems.

This guide is designed to help manufacturers connect with companies capable of testing and validating products or software

Ensure your products and modifications can be successfully integrated with the latest and emerging vehicle dynamics technologies and comply with federal motor vehicle safety regulations.

Integrate your products with the latest automotive and consumer electronics technologies and leverage emerging opportunities with connected vehicles.

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